Laptop Repair

Whether you closed the lid on a pen, tripped over an open laptop on the floor, or your dog knocked the laptop off the table.  Baby or bird pick off the keys?  All true stories and we repair it.

Featured Services

Slow Computers

Sadly, removing a virus, malware or adware is a lot of what techs do. We can take care of them and get your computer feeling a lot better.

We can diagnose any hardware trouble in a desktop computer and we have seen it all. Bad memory, power supplies or a hard drive crash. Let us take care of it.

Our rates are very reasonable.

Computers confuse you?

We will gladly sit down and explain how to use your computer. From the mouse and keyboard to the processor and hard drive, we teach it all, even the Internet.

Building Hot Rod Computers

Recently, we built a hot rod... it had a processor with 8 cores and 16 gigs of memory- FAST!!

Isn't it time you got a computer to show off?

Wired or Wireless

Wanting to add a wireless printer? Got a new laptop and want it with you around the house? Visitors want to connect with their phones?

We can network your home.