When I told one of my customers I was planning on starting my own business doing what I loved which is fixing and building computers, he said he thought it was a great idea. The next day he had my name picked out and said he would have business cards made for me. Computer Technology Services Inc was born. I've told everyone that the name is so generic that no one could possibly hate it. :) I have found that I have to shorten the name to CTS inc when necessary. It took me a week just to pick the domain name of comptechserv.com. It again seemed like another generic compromise. But when I think of company names, the majority of them are generic too until they do the remarkable thing of being remembered for service and quality. I hope that one day Computer Technology Services Inc will also become just as distinguished.

I got incorporated just as fast. I told a family member that I was finally starting my own business. I say finally because I got my degree in Business Administration just for this purpose one day. Anyway, my family got all my paperwork done within a day or so. All I had to do was sign and pay the fees. I was in business!

Thank you all so much,

Scott Hibbs

About our name

Scott's Story

We are now located in Evansville, Indiana.



It's like all the pieces fell in place for me to get started. I look forward to helping others with all their technology needs.

Computer Technology Services Inc or CTS was started by Scott Hibbs in 2014. He got interested in computers when his mom bought his dad a Commodore 64 for Christmas in 1983. He joined his High School's first computer team which used TRS-80's in 1986. His first PC was a 286 running dos. Wanting a better computer as a poor college student, Scott resorted to dumpster diving at computer stores for parts and built one with a 386sx processor for Windows. Every job he took always seemed to involve repairing someone's computer. One day he decided to get paid for fixing computers. Do the work you love.

After working in Information Technology for 8 years, Scott realized two things. First, the IT industry is only focused on business or enterprise level services. The second is that families must resort to these impersonal businesses for services. Maybe it's old fashioned to expect service delivered to your home like a milkman used to, but it's the personal touch. Helping people where they need it most is Scott's passion.