Our Advantages

I TRUST My Computer Guy...

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing computer repair for your home or small business. Trust should be the number one priority. You should trust the person doing the repair will be honest and treat your technology like it's their own. We are always proud to hear someone say "My Computer Guy is here."


  • Virus/Malware Removal
  • Laptop Hardware
  • Desktop Hardware
  • Wireless Networking
  • Computer Tutoring

Computer repair provided in your home.

Personal Computing

 Are you in need of technical help? Do you find it a hassle to take everything apart, take it to a shop, call back and forth, then bring it home to put it back together again just to get it fixed? Give us a call and we'll provide help with professionally-trained techs to your door so you can avoid the hassle. I guess you could say,

"We take computer repair personally - to you."


Let's face it. Our techs have seen everything. Legal, medical, credit card data, and some totally freaky stuff.  Your personal business is simply yours to keep. Mums the word.

Strict Privacy...

Don't take it apart when you have had it. Drop the mouse and call Computer Technology Services. We will arrive and provide solutions to all your technology needs in your home or small business.

Yelling and Cussing doesn't fix a computer, so stay cool and calm by calling Computer Technology Services. We can upgrade your computer to make that geeky relative of yours totally envious of your computing prowess.

Your company has an IT Guy, so should your family.